Cypress Straws


Let's be honest, bundles make life better. Drink from a snazzy glass straw, then pop them in your travel pouch because you CAN. With this pouch/straw combination, you can have your straw and carry it too. 


Each order includes 2 straws, 1 travel pouch and 1 cleaning brush. A portion of the profits of every purchase will go directly to environmental conservation and restoration efforts in the southeast USA.


Wholesale minimum order - $200

Cypress Straws


    2 Curved Glass Straws + 1 Travel Pouch + 1 Cleaning Brush

    The Travel Pouch can carry 2 straws at a time.



    • Pouch - Roughly 10" tall x 2" wide
    • Straw - 9" tall



    • Pouch - Recycled denim and organic cotton cord 
    • Straws - Borosilicate (Made in the USA)


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