Why Glass?

Choosing the best material for Cypress Straws involved lots and lots of research. We wanted to create a product that checked all of the boxes- not just one or two.

Although it sounded fragile at first, we found that borosilicate glass was a material that could not only withstand normal day to day routines, but could also hold up in a dishwasher to be washed again and again. Unlike metal straws, you never have to worry about corrosion or a metallic taste, plus you can see through glass, making it easier to clean.  Plastic, paper and straw all have their strengths, but they still miss the mark because they are all made for one time use. Some "paper" straws also have a plastic coating to help with durability, thus making them just as harmful as plastic straws. We wanted a material that could be reused, satisfactorily cleaned, temperature resistant and safe to use. Glass is simply the best answer. 

Don't forget, April 22nd is Earth Day (aka the best day of the year)! Many cities and towns will be celebrating Mother Earth all week long, so be sure to check your local newspapers and websites for fun and educational events! We will be at the Durham Earth Day Festival on April 28th, so come out and see us - we would love to meet you! :) 



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