We donate 10% of ALL profits to environmental research and conservation efforts.


Partnership and collaboration are key to tiny business success - especially in tough times like these. It's cash flow that allows us to continue to create, support staff and participate and add flavor to local communities. Our vision is simple - it's a promise. Though Cypress promises to give 10% of our profits to conservation regardless of circumstance, we aim to encourage cafes and coffee shops to consider the following:


  • Shops that carry our glass straws offer 10% off drink purchases (if margins allow) when customers bring their Cypress straw back in and show the barista. The initial purchase of a glass straw in a coffee shop will not only increase average order value, which helps satisfy immediate cash needs as coffee shops work to reopen after a long struggle of Covid-19 related slow downs, but it also encourages returning customers. Also, customers don't have to wait to recognize savings until they buy 10 drinks to get a free drink like some of those punch card programs.

  • Slowing down with offering, or stop offering completely, plastic disposable straws with drink purchases (unless someone specifically requests one)

  • Cypress offers our lifetime guarantee on any customer's straw that breaks - if a coffee shop customer's Cypress straw breaks, we'll replace it

*If you are a shop that wants to partner with us - click the "wholesale" link at the bottom of the page or email us to get help or ask questions. We want to hear from you!


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