Since its inception, Cypress has operated under the realization that sustainable products are a necessity. We thoroughly believe in supplying products that enhance the consumer’s experience while simultaneously delivering an eco-friendly alternative. Glass straws replace single-use plastic straws, giving those that heavily rely on the use of straws a viable, durable, and cost-efficient option.


Our brand’s vision is simple: we value high-quality, locally-sourced materials and the hands that produce them. In order to further recognize and celebrate these ideals, we decided to expand our offered products to include a wider variety of premium coffee shop supplies—pour overs, tamps, and the like—and we hope to eventually expand our assortment to include an array of versatile bartools. 


We are focused on equipping people with sustainable and reusable items in hopes to limit the presence of harmful materials that are unfortunately so prevalent today. We plan to continue establishing and maintaining relationships with those who want to learn more about how they, too, can make an impact. We will continue spreading awareness of the conservation movement and reinvesting a share of our profits back into the community to make headway on our ultimate goals. 


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