Since its inception, Cypress has operated under the realization that sustainable products are a necessity. We thoroughly believe in supplying products that enhance the consumer’s experience while simultaneously delivering an eco-friendly alternative. Glass straws replace single-use plastic straws and serve as a viable, durable, and cost-efficient alternative. They're also easy to clean and look super cool!


Our vision is simple: we value high-quality, locally-sourced materials and the hands that produce them. We also value partnership and collaboration, especially in these unprecedented times. By partnering with local coffee shops and cafes, our hope is to not only increase foot traffic and encourage return customers through our Give 10% partnership, but also raise awareness about waste in the food and beverage space. Our lifetime guarantee applies to straws purchased both here on our website as well as those purchased at our partner coffee shops. If your straw breaks, just let us know and we'll replace it.



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